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Frequently Asked Questions about the Windsor Harvest Festival

  • Can you bring dogs to the festival?
    • Yes! However, with the crowds of people we have, it's not ideal to have your pup out there.
  • Is there a balloon launch on Monday?
    • No, due to the parade, there will not be a balloon launch on Monday.  Some pilots have the option to launch on their own, but that is totally up to them and nothing we are sanctioning.
  • When is the actual vendor show?
    • The vendor show (Arts and Crafts/Commercial booths) is on Sunday and Monday from 9am to 5pm.  The vendor show is NOT on Saturday. Saturday is used as a day for vendors to setup.
  • When is Bingo?
    • Bingo is on Sunday AND Monday this year, from 12p-5p.
  • How long is the parade route?
    • The parade route is 1.1 miles, and goes from Walnut and Chimney Park Dr to 3rd and Walnut, then heads North to Main Street, then West to the High School.  This route WILL BE DIFFERENT THIS YEAR FROM YEARS PAST!
  • Can you put your chairs out early?
    • Yes, HOWEVER, you must first have approval of the house you are sitting in front of, if it is on their property.  You are welcome to put chairs out as early as the night before.
  • When does the parade start?
    • Parade start is at 9:00 AM SHARP.  Lineup is from 7am to 9am.
  • How many hours does the Harvest Festival Committee volunteer to put in on producing this event?
    • We have a combined total of over 750 hours during the year.
  • If I am a vendor, and I do not show up to the event, and don't call or email, can I still get a refund?
    • Unfortunately not.  Your spot was reserved, therefore there is no refund unless you called before the event to cancel your space.
  • If I don't have my booth space, or have lost my confirmation letter, how do I find that information out?
    • You can go to our Information Tent at the corner of 3rd and Elm (300 Elm St, Windsor, CO 80550 for an exact Google or Apple Maps address).  It is a Red and White tent.
  • Do I need to check in before going to my booth?
    • YES! We have your tax envelope and crucial information for your success on Sunday and Monday.  Please stop by the information tent at the corner of 3rd and Elm to get this information.
  • When can vendors setup?
    • Vendors can setup all day Saturday, before 9am Sunday or before 9am Monday (if you are only showing one day).
  • What if I have a question that isn't answered here?
    • Please call 970-674-2899 or click the contact button at the top of this page to send us a message.
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