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Windsor Harvest Festival Parade Information

Parade entries are NOW OPEN!


This year’s theme:
Harvesting Community Spirit

       It’s time to prepare for the 2024 Windsor Harvest Festival. We are planning for another successful celebration for our 102nd year! We would like to extend a special invitation to you to participate in this year’s parade!

The Windsor Harvest Festival takes place Labor Day weekend with the parade being held at 9:00 am, September 2nd, 2024, Labor Day Morning. There is a $40.00 entry fee that is used to help defer the cost of the organizing the parade.  Entries received after August 1, 2024, are subject to a $10 late fee. ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGES TO ENTRIES WILL BE ALLOWED AFTER AUGUST 15.

*Please note: If you are paying by credit card, there is an included 2.9% fee to cover the cost of credit card processing.*

Prizes are awarded according to the list below.

All 1st place winners in these categories will receive $100

All 2nd place winners in these categories will receive $50

*Commercial/Business Float *Horse Group-Youth *Horse Group-Adult

*Youth Organization Float *Adult Non-Profit Organization Float *Car/Truck/Boat/Motorcycle Group

All entrants will be informed on slot information by August 31 by email OR regular mail. Lineup time will be between 7:00 – 8:30 am.

The parade lineup begins at 7 AM at Walnut Street and Chimney Park Drive and runs west on Walnut Street to 3rd Street and then north on 3rd Street to Main Street, then west on Main Street to the High School Parking lot/RE-4 Admin Office. The line up for the parade will be on Chimney Park Drive (next to the pool) FOR EVEN NUMBERED ENTRIES, and Walnut Street (next to the grain elevator) FOR ODD NUMBERED ENTRIES.  Directions and maps will be included in your confirmation letter.

We have been asked by the Windsor Police Department to inform parade entrants (for safety of entrants and spectators) that the throwing of candy and other objects from vehicles is prohibited. Anyone wishing to pass these items out can do so by having individuals walking beside their entry. If any entrant is found throwing items they will be asked to leave the parade.

General Rules:

Please read and understand the following rules.  Your signature on the parade entry form confirms that you understand and will abide by these rules!

  • We reserve the right to reject any entry containing a controversial message.
  • Non-decorated entries WILL NOT be allowed in the parade.  Only float unit and towing vehicle will be allowed into the lineup area for SAFETY reasons. (In other words, if your vehicle is not part of your parade entry, then it won’t be allowed in the lineup area).
  • All lineup instructions from parade staff and security must be followed and is for your safety and security.  Failure to following these directions are terms for dismissal for the entire associated parade entry.
  • Float riders must stay on the float once your parade float has crossed the starting line.
  • Gymnastics participants may not perform while the vehicle or trailer is moving.
  • All sitting float riders shall remain seated and use restraining belts, if available.  Standing float riders shall have body support and firmly grasp hand holds and rails
  • No riders will be allowed to ride on the edge of the float.  Any float with riders or articles hanging over the edge, before or during the parade will be subject to removal from the parade.
  • All children under 16 riding a bicycle, using roller skates, roller blades, scooters or other like items, must wear proper safety equipment (including a helmet) at all times.
  • All drivers must be a minimum of 18 years of age, have a valid license and proof of insurance.
  • Once the float is in position in the line-up area, a driver and representative must be in attendance at all times in the event there are questions, problems, or the float needs to be moved.
  • Towed floats shall have safety chains attached to the towing vehicle
  • Float riders shall not throw candy or other items from the float to spectators. Candy or other items may be distributed to spectators by hand from parade participants walking along side of the float.  Distribution buckets cannot be refilled from the moving vehicle or float.  Participants must use a wagon or other item to refill their needed supply. * WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND PLACING CANDY IN WAGONS FOR REFILLING.*
  • Parade float drivers must maintain a 30 foot distance between the parade entry directly ahead of them.

Horse Entries - All horse drawn entries are required to have mounted or walking outriders.

Car and Car Clubs - Display of speed, power-braking, squealing of tires, or weaving are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Political Entries - Limited to 2 entries per party, and a maximum of 6 per entry.

Sponsors – If you are a sponsor and your sponsorship level includes a parade entry, please note on the form and do NOT send payment... unless you really want to! 🙂

The Harvest Festival Committee reserves the right to modify the rules at any time to assist in the administration of the event. The committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entry it deems necessary.

We have had a successful parade in the past and look forward to another one. We hope you will join us. If you have questions or concerns please contact us at the number listed below.

Please return the entry form as soon as possible, no later than August 15th. We cannot guarantee entries received after this date.  **PLEASE NOTE** your confirmation letter and map will be emailed, to you when lineup is completed no later than August 31, if you provide an email address.  If no email address is provided, letter and map/directions will be mailed by regular mail.

Questions: Contact Casey Johnson (970 674-2899) or by email, [email protected]

Thank You!

Casey Johnson,
Chairman and Parade Director

Windsor Harvest Festival Committee

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